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GreenWaveEDHSGreenSea.net is the website of Jim Billingsley and Lonnie Miller – science instructors at El Diamante High School in Visalia, California. The contents of these pages are neither the responsibility of El Diamante High School nor Visalia Unified School District. None-the-less, we believe that the contents are appropriate for secondary instruction, as are any resources linked from within this site. Feel free to look around. Some of the resources may be very specific to the courses that we teach, while others may be of general use to many high school science students and instructors. Students and teachers may print, or download and use any materials that you find helpful.

***We do not distribute the original, editable files to students or teachers, and we DO NOT answer homework questions from students other than those we have in class – Sorry!

Our biology page includes resources such as a current course calendar, grade access, Notes, labs, Powerpoints, review sheets and interactive review activities.

AP Biology
AP Biology resources include a current AP Biology Course Calendar, Course Outline, and current grades. You can also access Powerpoints and other documents for the course. Many of the documents are in Adobe PDF format.

AP Environmental Science
AP Environmental Science resources include a current AP Environmental Science Calendar, Course Outline, and other resources. You can also access online review videos and other documents for the course. Many of the documents are in Adobe PDF format.