Month: March 2017

APES QOD March 28

All of the following are likely consequences of indoor air pollution EXCEPT an increase in A. the development and exacerbation of asthma B. the risk of developing lung cancer C. the risk of developing skin cancer D. flulike symptoms, chronic

APES QOD March 30

The most harmful forms of suspended particulate matter (SPM) are typically A) fine particles (PM-10) and ultra fine particles (PM-2.5) B) coarse particles (PM-15) and fine particles (PM-10) C) aerosols and diesel exhaust D) sea salt nuclei E) wild fire particles

First Five March 30/31

Why are allele frequencies measured in populations for evolution? (remember Hardy-Weinberg?) In ecology, communities are made up of many populations.  How would one population possibly impact another population?

First Five March 28/29

Based on the Rabbits and Wolves simulation activity describe why population density (individuals per area) is more important than population size (total number of individuals) when describing the effects of exponential growth on a population.

APES QOD March 27

Which of the following is a common component of photochemical smog and is reddish brown gas with a pungent odor? A) Methane, CH4 B) Carbon Dioxide, CO2 C) Carbon Monoxide, CO D) Ozone, O3 E) Hydrogen, H

First Five March 27

What natural factors control the numbers in a population? Why is the human population a concern to many people and our planet?

First Five March 23/24

How many people live in the City of Visalia? Explain how we could we use this information to make projections for the future? What is a population? What challenges do rapidly growing populations like Visalia present?

APES QOD March 23

From Q1 on the 2009 FRQ (b) Identify a nitrogen-containing primary pollutant that contributes to the formation of photochemical smog. Describe how that primary pollutant forms and explain why Councilman Budd was wrong. (c) Identify one secondary pollutant that is a

First Five March 21/22

 What is the source of NEW genetic variation? Why is this important in regards to natural selection?  Explain how migration (gene flow), genetic drift, and natural selection each effect allele frequencies?

APES QOD March 21

Q: Which of the following is a greenhouse gas that is also a by-product of anaerobic respiration? a. Methane b. Nitrogen  c. Oxygen d. Nitrogen dioxide e. Hydrogen sulfide