Month: May 2017

First Five May 25/26

In relation to natural selection, evolution is the A) process B) outcome C) mechanism D) purpose Justify your answer.

May 23/24

 Visalia’s current population is approximately 130,000 people.  In 2000, the population was approximately 95,000 people.  Calculate  the percent increase in human population in Visalia over that time period. Explain how a exponential curve shape differs from a logistic curve in

First Five May 22

  1. Why are eco-transportation corridors needed to maintain biodiversity? 2.  Approximately 59 percent of the world’s biggest mammalian carnivore species—including the tiger— and 60 percent of the largest herbivores are now listed on the International Union for Conservation of

First Five May 18/19

 At one time there were over 10,000 grizzly bears in California, but people’s fear of the enormous animal drove the bears to extinction. The last California grizzly bear was shot in Tulare County in 1924. Explain why so many apex predators are

First Five May 16/17

1. Let’s look at our food chain to see how biomagnification works. Let’s say for example that each plankton has one microscopic drop of methyl mercury. One krill eats 25 plankton that would mean that each krill would have__________ microscopic

First Five May 15

Explain HIPPCO and give an example of impact on a species for each letter in the acronym.

First Five May 11/12

Humans are part of the Earth’s  ecosystem.   Human activities  can either deliberately or inadvertently alter the  balance of an ecosystem. How do human activities affect the environment?

First Five May 9/10

Which diagram correctly models the movement of heat, energy, and matter in an ecosystem?  Justify your choice. 

First Five May 8

 Explain how the respirator in the picture would work.     What two factors control climate on Earth?

First Fives May 3/4

Use your nutrient cycle diagrams to answer the following questions: Explain why the nitrogen cycle is so important? How is nitrogen stored and cycled? Explain why phosphorus is needed? How is its phosphorus stored and cycled?