Month: August 2017

APES QOD August 30

Which of the following best explains why decomposers in the soils and water are important to ecosystems? A) They remove heavy metals. B) They store carbon dioxide. C) They recycle nutrients. D) They neutralize acid deposition. E) They produce more

First Five Aug. 30/Sept. 1

How are a substrate and the enzymes that works on them like a  lock and a key? Lactaid is used by individuals who are lactose intolerant.What is the function of this enzyme?

First Five August 29/30

How are carbohydrates and lipids (fats) related? Why are proteins essential to your diet?

First Five August 28

Why did Morgan Spurlock gain 25 pounds in his month of only eating fast food? What health issues did he develop?

APES QOD August 28

The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide increased from 278 ppm in 1790 to 407 ppm in 2017. What is the approximate percent increase in carbon dioxide concentration from 1790 to 2017? (A) 38% (B) 46% (C) 92% (D) 105% (E)

APES QOD August 24

2008 Exam Question Describe TWO ecosystem services provided for humans by forests. Explain how clearcutting would affect each ecosystem service you describe.

First Five August 24/25

If a substance is considered organic, which element does it contain? Explain why a complex carbohydrate provides more energy than a simple sugar.

APES QOD August 22

Many scientists maintain that a rise in sea level has occurred in the last hundred years as a result of global warming. If this is true, which of the following factors best explains such a rise? A. Increased precipitation B. Increased

First Five August 22/23

 What are the building blocks (monomers) for proteins and what makes proteins different from one another? (muscle versus hair) Why is not eating a lot of carbohydrates recommended for some people as weight loss regimen?

APES QOD August 21

Which of the following is part of a positive feedback mechanism associated with global climate change? A. Increased gas mileage in cars. B. Increased cloudiness caused by more moisture in the atmosphere. C. Melting of Arctic sea ice. D. Increased