Month: September 2017

First Five September 28/29

 In testing an unknown sample of a food, what would a positive Biuret and Benedict’s test indicate? In conducting a photosynthesis experiment under red, green, and blue colored lights with the same light intensity, what color light would have the least

First Five September 26/27

What fermentation product causes the milk to become yogurt? Predict what will happen to the pH and the taste of the milk in your yogurt cup. Why do these changes take place? How many more ATP are produced during fermentation?

APES QOD September 26

Identify two reasons why the tundra and the desert are slow to respond to disturbances.  

First Five September 25

What organelle does cellular respiration occur in? What are the THREE steps of aerobic cellular respiration? Which step does not need oxygen to happen?  Why is oxygen needed anyway?

APES QOD September 25

Which of the following is a characteristic of tropical rain forests? A) The receive more than 100 centimeters of rain per year. B) Their soils typically have a high pH. C) Their soils are relatively poor in nutrients. D) They

APES QOD September 21

The graph below shows the average monthly temperatures for two cities, A and B, which are both located at 36° north latitude.   Which statement best explains the difference in the average yearly temperature range for the two cities? A)  City B is located in a

First Five September 21/22

 What is the complete equation for cellular respiration? Draw a rectangle around the reactants and circle the products. What gas are we hoping to collect to measure the respiration of the yeast in the molasses solutions?  How will we determine the

First Five September 19/20

1. Identify the location of the light dependent and light independent reactions. 2. What products of the light dependent reaction are needed for the light independent reaction? 3. Explain why water is important in the light dependent reaction.

APES QOD September 19

Identify and describe two threats to aquatic biodiversity.

APES QOD September 18

What does El Nino bring to the Eastern United States? A. Warm winters B. Extremely cold winters C. Hot summers D. Cooler than normal summers E. Lack of seasons.