Month: October 2017

APES QOD Oct. 31

The gray wolf is a keystone species because  A.they cull herds of bison, elk and caribou. B.they keep coyote populations down. C.they provide meat for scavengers such as ravens and bald eagles. D.All of the above. E.Only A and B.

First Five Oct 31/Nov 1

Antibodies are your bodies last line of defense in response to an infection.  To what does your body create these molecules in response to? HIV/AIDS is a very serious illness.  Why is HIV/AIDS so dangerous?

APES QOD October 30

The GREATEST threat to aquatic biodiversity is: A. Reduction of upwelling events B. Habitat loss C. Introduction of invasive species D. Intrusion of freshwater E. Aquaculture practices

First Five October 30

Why are students required to be vaccinated before attending school? How does the vaccine prevent you from getting sick? With the large amount of sugar being consumed  tomorrow what hormone is going to be in short supply?

APES QOD October 26

Illegal hunting for profit is called A) Subsistence hunting B) Sport hunting C) Poaching D) Commercial hunting E) Partial hunting

First Five October 26/27

Why is your heart rate higher climbing up stairs with a straw compared to when you climbed the stairs without a straw?  Describe how your respiratory and circulatory systems regulate carbon dioxide levels in your blood.

First Five October 24/25

You have been invited to speak to the freshman health class about healthy living.  Since homeostasis and feedback loops are a characteristic of all living organisms, describe what you will tell them about how blood glucose levels are maintained and why

APES QOD October 24

On the provided index card:  DEFINE what Tragedy of the Commons is. Give a SPECIFIC EXAMPLE of real life Tragedy of the Commons. DESCRIBE how your example relates to Tragedy of the Commons. Address SPECIFIC ways to prevent or overcome

First Five October 23

Explain how a thermostat is a negative feedback loop and how it maintains homeostasis. Describe the negative feedback loops  that helps you stay cool when you run the mile in PE.

APES QOD October 23

Zebra mussels, an invasive species that is pushing species of freshwater shellfish to extinction, were introduced to the Great Lakes by: A) Migrating Native Americans B) Teenagers playing a prank C) Ballast water (sea water that ships carry for stability and