Month: November 2017

APES QOD November 30

Q: In the US, most municipal solid waste is disposed of by a. Composting b. Recycling c. Incineration d. Ocean Dumping e. Land filling

First Five Nov. 30/Dec. 1

Explain how and where DNA Replication occurs and how this fits into the cell cycle and the process of mitosis.

APES QOD November 28

The image below best describes a a. cityscape   b. pollution entrapment zone  c. heat island d. skyline profile   e. temperature inversion

First Five November 28/29

 If a DNA strand has 30% Adenine (A) , what percentage of Cytosine (C) would there be?  Why is this cartoon funny?  

APES QOD November 27

Compared with people in developing countries, people in industrialized countries are more likely to eat: a.  Beans     b. Beef    c. Corn    d. Rice    e. Wheat

First Five November 27

What is the structure of DNA? How does the structure of DNA help it make copies of itself What is the building block of DNA? Can you draw and label the three parts? (Think back to Benchmark 1 and the

First Five November 16

The diagram below represents early embryonic development.  Which process is represented by the arrows? What process would eventually occur to develop into an adult organism? What is a major difference in the separation of daughter cells during cytokinesis in the cell cycle  between plant

APES QOD November 14

DESCRIBE one incentive that the government of a country could offer its citizens that would favor a reduction in the growth rate of its citizens.  EXPLAIN how this incentive would work , and DESCRIBE one possible drawback.

First Five November 14/15

Even in an adult, some cells continue to divide.  Why is cell division useful even in an adult who is no longer growing?  (Hint: Think about what happens when you have an injury that scrapes off some of your skin.


A country currently has a population of 100 million and an annual growth rate of 3.5 percent. If the growth rate remains constant, what will be the population of this country in 40 years? a) 150 million b) 200 million