AP Biology

AP Biology (Advanced Placement Biology) is an introductory college level course. By taking AP Biology, you will be taking a similar or even an identical course to college students taking their first college level biology course (General or Introduction to Biology). In this course, we will explore several sub-fields in biology, and complete twelve (12) labs to develop your understanding of biology.

This course is designed to 1) present an in depth, college level study of the biological sciences, 2) help students develop college level critical thinking skills, writing skills, and study habits, and 3) help prepare you for the comprehensive AP Biology Exam given in May, so that you may score a 3 or above, and earn college credits for this year of study and hard work.

This is a college level biology course and students are expect to perform at college level on all their work, and you should expect that all work, quizzes and tests will be at a college level. Students are expected to be prepared for each class session by reading the assigned chapter(s) and coming to class prepared to ask questions.

AP Biology resources include a current AP Biology Course Calendar and Course Outline. You can also access Presentations and Discussion Questions before coming to class. Many of the documents are in Adobe PDF format. Listing of AP Credit Policy for Colleges and Universities

Monday/Wednesday at lunch and Tuesday/Thursday before school.

Course notes, homework, labs, review sheets and other important documents can be found here as Acrobat PDF (PortableDocumentFormat) files. To view and print these files, you will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your computer. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, the program can be downloaded from the Adobe Website. Documents are posted in PDF format for several reasons. First, it saves download time for you and server space for us. Second, the PDF documents are true replicas of documents used in class and are printer friendly in a way that web pages are not.